The Topic for Those People who are Interested in Embryonic Stem Cell Tests

The Topic for Those People who are Interested in Embryonic Stem Cell Tests

1. EmCell is embryonic tissues centre that is a private limited liability company (LLC), that was founded in 1994. The company has been working for fifteen years and got international acceptance in the field of research and medical usage of embryonic stem cells (ESC) in vivo.

2. Now, this very competent and creative workgroup is made of like-minded experts led by professor Alexander Ivanovich Smikodub who apply ESC in human body, work out indications and contraindications for the cure of serious acquired and genetic illnesses induced by or resulting in cell count lessening.

3. Cure with the assistance of stem cells

September 9, 1994 is birthday of Cell Therapy Clinic of the National Medical University of Ukraine and Embryonic Tissues Centre EmCell. It has been acting for fifteen years despite all alterations in law and other occurrences in the country. The clinic made approximately 5 000 transplants of ESC and embryonic tissues and has cured a great variety of patients during these years. Hundreds of lives were saved and continued by means of our modes. We restored many organs and tissues and showed that people with incurable sicknesses can be treated with the help of stem cells.

You may also see that on November 17, 2005 BBC started transmission that is named the Last Hope Clinic. It was named so, because for fifteen years we helped people in the most difficult occasions, who had no other confidence for treatment. You may also see that our hospital proposes effective averting and anti-aging schemes.

4. Stem cell seclusion and keeping custody biotechnology

Modern means of stem cell isolation and storage are utilized by medical professionals and EmCell. Such means are popular worldwide and were patented in lots of developed countries such as United Kingdom and Holland. They make embryonic cell suspensions, examine them and utilize them for medical purposes, therefore each professional includes acting in sterile box with clinical practice. Our conviction is that transplantation of materials that are created at the center to the person is the greatest variant.

The Topic for Those People who are Interested in Embryonic Stem Cell Tests

Stages of stem cell therapy with the help of embryonic material:

1. A collection of safe, timely and ethically approved of high quality and embryonic matter in gynecological centers;

2. The following stage is preparations of cell cultures and inserting them into abacterial containers;

3. Examination of embryonic cell suspensions in secure and viability atmosphere;

4. Cryopreservation of embryonic materials at low temperatures;

5. Safety and vitality research of defrosted embryonic cell suspensions;

6. Long-period storage of embryonic cell materials in cryobanks.

5. Bank for cell suspension

The bank contains diverse types of cell suspensions and is very important for EmCell. There’re more than 10 000 embryonic, fetal, cord blood cell suspensions in up-to-date tanks and containers that are of human and animal testing origin. All these boxes and media undergo periodical testing for bacteria and fungi.