The Info for Those Persons who are Concerned in Spieling

The Info for Those Persons who are Concerned in Spieling

There’re a lot of people, who suffer from pathological spieling, which is a sort of mental disease that attracts people to spieling. The basic symptom of the disease is continuing participation in gambling. This becomes a trouble not just for people who endure from it, but for their families as well, because persons don’t see the consequences that are drawn by this gambling addiction. They think that best casinos will get them a lot of funds and fortune.

The body makes special drugs while playing and the gambler has particular state of mind that brings some kind of dependence. The systems of the human body, such as cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular work with huge strain and exhaust really quickly.

At the same time portion of the game-drug are: the entire playing experience, length of a single session of continuous play (playing day), the greatest income, loss, the amount of total debt (but not all play in backlog). The indicators that create addiction on the game are frequent play and continuous increment of “dose” (primarily the value of lost, property damage and the duration of play sessions).

The major purpose of winning great amounts of money attracts to the game and losses draw the wish to win the funds back. And the main reason is seizing that assaults the consciousness of the player that hopes for luck and fate. The gambler considers about that he would be able to manage a game condition, “beat” slot machine or croupier. When the dependence has been created the gamer cannot ever win because all the funds he utilizes for the play. The addicted of the game person has ever ultimately can’t win, because he can not withdraw from winning, he wants to persist gaming and win even more. This case shows the dependence of the play. Later on the gambler realizes that he will never beat the slot machine or the best casino, but he can’t stop and gamble not to win, but for the sake of the game, even making considered the inevitable loss.

These people aren’t silly (they demand to earn something for playing), excitable and mulish. Gradually appears the degradation of the inner persons. They become liars and paupers of the gambling. They lose everything starting with friends and ending with relatives. The families brake, wives leave them taking kids away and a huge backlog is threatening. Gambler pays dear for the great satisfaction and excitement. But they still look for the first possibility to play despite of everything. These individuals are slaves of uk online casino.

Constant bombing of consciousness by these factors makes in the brain of such people the necessity to gamble more and more to fuel their wish to play.

The doctor who treats such diseases must first of all find those areas in the head of the sick individual and delay them totally. There must be formed various views on the way of life with the help of the doctor, new system of values. There must appear a new lifestyle with the comprehension of the process of getting satisfaction. You must just realize that such illness cannot be cured rapidly. Only patient persons who have a great perseverance can get rid of this terrible illness for this period of time. In many ways, exemption from gambling isn’t only the recovery of mind prosperity of pathological player, but with the reappraisal of merits and altering his way of dwelling. In the process of cure should be involved relatives and friends of the gambler as well as expert psychiatrists. These are persons whom he loves and believes and they should help him very much. However, in practice, unfortunately, not everybody is ready to tolerate the insanity of player, and then his decay is very quick.