Impotence: Ways of Curing

Impotence: Ways of Curing

All people would like to lead happy sex life and the age does not seem to be important. Nevertheless, there are a few men with erection difficulties that cause nervousness resulting in lower self-appraisal. But it is natural that anyone wishes to be at his best in sexual affairs. Sometimes it is impotence that brings to the aggravation and even break of relations.

There’re 3 most general drugs for impotence: Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil) and Levitra (Vardenafil). From a perspective of pharmaceutics, they’re nearly similar. At the same time, producers of every medicine try to prove that it is better than others, with the view of promotion. The most prevailing of these drugs is probable to be decided by the fortune of advertising drives rather than health indicators. There is no problem to buy Viagra online in different web-shops. There one may as well buy Cialis online.

All 3 medicaments belong to the set of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors. Erection is generally weakened by PDE-5, the ferment that retrains the expansion of veins of the phallus. The structure of Cialis is somewhat different from Viagra and Levitra, the structure and qualities of which have much in common.

But actually the principle difference between the medicaments is that 1 of them (Levitra) is fast taken in, and another – Cialis – is lingeringly driven out of the organism. That is all FDE-5 blockers produce nearly similar effect. They disagree in term and endurance of act.

All 3 medicines are effectual in approximately 80 percent of cases.

The lowest efficient dose is of Levitra: it is 5-10 times lower than those of the opponents. The medicament is as before contraindicated with disorders of cardiovascular system and after the apoplexy, although the strength of side-effects can be somewhat diminished.

And some more data on ill-effects: all three medicines, except the “required” FDE-5 ferment, also obstruct the others. For example, Viagra and Levitra have an affect on the FDE-6 ferment, which is answerable for color sense. The cerebrum, heart, or thymus gland are controlled by FDE-11, the action of which may be retrained by Cialis. But what exact undesirable outcomes it can bring about has not yet been found out.

Another essential question is the interaction of these medicaments with food and alcohol. It’s obvious that taken on an empty stomach Viagra produces a much faster effect than with a meal. Nevertheless, although lingeringly the impact still happens anyway. Concerning alcohol, Cialis as stated in the advertising prospectuses does not interact with it – in contrast to the rivals. As a matter of fact, in conjunction with alcohol drinks Levitra is also innocuous. But this “trump card” has not yet been used used by the marketers to urge all to buy Levitra. Maybe because the “trump card” is doubtful: alcohol abuse is one of the frequent reasons of impotence.