Gambling Dependence and the Ways of its Cure

Gambling Dependence and the Ways of its Cure

There’re a lot of persons, who suffer from pathological spieling, which is a kind of mental disorder that attracts persons to spieling. The basic sign of the disease is continuing participation in spieling. Suffering people often don’t see all the results of gambling breakdown their families and becoming great debtors. They think that best casinos would get them a lot of funds and fortune.

The body creates particular drugs while gambling and the player has special state of mind that brings some kind of addiction. Cardiovascular, respiratory and muscular systems act with a great stress and rapidly exhaust in this state.

At the same time dose of the game-drug are: the entire gaming experience, length of a single session of continuous game (playing day), the greatest gain, loss, the sum of total backlog (but not all play in backlog). You can find that these persons require constantly increase the portion and the frequency of gaming.

The wish to win large amount of funds attracts to the game, and losses attract the wish to win back rapidly. But the basic driver is a large entire seizing by the procedure of the gambling, hope for luck and fate. The player thinks about that he will be able to manage a play situation, “beat” slot machine or croupier. But if dependence has already been created, the player always constantly loses, because he even won, then again puts money into context, growing stakes, and, of course, loses all the funds. The dependent of the game person has ever ultimately cannot win, because he may not withdraw from winning, he wants to continue gaming and win even more. This manifests itself dependent nature of player’s relationship to the game. Later the experience make the player consider that he won’t ever win in those top online casinos, but the player begins play for the sake of gambling.

These individuals are not stupid (they need to earn something for playing), excitable and stubborn. Bit by bit appears the degeneration of the inner individual. Because of the game these people begin to bluff and to beg. They lose all they had starting with friends and ending with relatives. They lose wives and families getting only a great backlog and nothing more. Player pays a great price for satisfactions and excitements. But in spite of that they’re searching for every possibility to play. They have become bondmen of uk online casinos.

The case is that the constant bombing of mind by the game and its accompanied within processes leading to the emergence in the brain of such people areas of rampage, which is supported by new plays procedures and new doses of internal doping.

The doctor who treats such sicknesses should first of all find those points in the head of the sick individual and delete them totally. The doctor creates new views on the way of life of the patient, forms the system of values and so on. As an outcome the patient has a new system of lifestyle and realizes the way of getting pleasure from the other angle. You should only realize that such illness can’t be cured rapidly. It should be composite and lengthy, just forbearance and perseverance will help get rid of this difficult sickness. This treatment isn’t just changing of the psychic of the pathological player, but it is also an attempt to bring the individual back to the usual way of dwelling and inculcate common life values to him. In the procedure of cure must be involved relatives and family of the gambler as well as professional psychiatrists. These are people whom he loves and trusts and they must help him a lot. But as we can observe in practice, not all the friends would endure the behavior of the gambler and his decay becomes really quick.